How to pick the right nail color for your skin tone

How to pick the right nail color for your skin tone when there are hundreds, if not thousands, of nail polish colors on the market today. It is very easy to become overwhelmed when trying to choose the right nail color. The choices of nail color seem endless. There are enough nail polish colors available that you can have a color to match every outfit that you own. Here are our top tips on how to pick the right nail color for your skin tone:

Before you paint those nails, think about the situation that you are going to be in. If you are going to a party, you will paint your nails a fun, festive color. If you are going to a job interview, you will paint your nails with a neutral shade to add an air of professionalism. The interviewer is going to be looking at you as a total package and your nails will be noticed.

If going to a party, it is a good time to have fun with nail polish colors. You may choose gold or silver nail polish for your party nails. Red is always a good, staple color for nails. Blue and even green are not out of the question depending on the type of party you are attending.

When trying to choose the right nail color, it is a good idea to take skin tone into consideration. Lighter skinned people look better in lighter shades of nail polish that has pink undertones. Pastel shades of nail polish look great on women who have fair skin. Wearing a lighter shade of nail polish during the day and then switching to a darker shade for evening is a great idea.

An olive or darker skinned woman can wear shades of gold or dark and vibrant shades of red. A darker skinned woman is lucky because she can pull off a bolder display of color than a fair skinned woman.

Another great way to choose the right nail color is a very simple method. Just match your nail polish color to your lipstick color. Matching nail polish to lipstick color is a great way to portray a well put together look.

Take a look at your wardrobe when choosing nail color. If your wardrobe consists of dark browns, dark red or other natural colors, choose nail colors that match the wardrobe. Nothing is worse than getting dressed for that important meeting only to discover you have no nail polish that will match your outfit.

The season can help determine what color of nail polish you should choose. The summer months may call for lighter shades of nail polish. During the winter, darker shades of nail polish will be more appropriate.

Anyway, you may also want to maintain your own style. While following style and fashion may work for some, changing clothing and keeping up with trendy colors may be well out of the financial reach of others. The real choice here is what looks best with your skin color, hair color and personal situation in which you’ll find yourself. As long as you work around those factors you won’t go wrong!

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