Salon manicure at home

Get the nails ready for gel polish!

If it is not convenient for you to get a professional salon manicure, you should learn how to do a salon manicure at home. Salon manicure at home is easy if you know what you are doing.

1. Remove all traces of old polish with an acetone free polish remover

If your nails do not have polish on them, you should swipe them a couple of times with polish remover to remove any dirt that may be on your nails. If you have gel polish on, you could easily remove them without damaging your nails using Gel Magic Remover. Alternatively, applying a Peel-off Base Coat will also remove gel polish easily and safely.

2. File and shape the nails with a smooth nail file.

When filing the nails, do not file back and forth. File the nails in only one direction with a slow, even stroke. Take note of any breaks or splits in the nail and file them until smooth. A great way to check your nails for smoothness is to run them over a pair of old pantyhose. If the nails do not snag the pantyhose, they are filed to perfection.

3. Gently push back your cuticles using an orange stick or a cuticle pusher.

This provides a clean surface for the gel polish to stick to, while creating longer, more even looking nails. Using a 180 grit buffer, gently buff the entire surface of each nail. Make sure to buff the sides of the nails and around the cuticle, as this is where lifting may occur prematurely if they are not buffed correctly. Nails should then appear dull, not shiny. Do not over-buff the nails as it may cause sensitivity. Our range of Gel Polish Manicure Set should have all the tools you need for a great salon manicure at home.

4. Gel Polish time – salon manicure at home!

Before you start to polish your nails, Make sure to clean the nails thoroughly after buffing. Any buffing dust, oil, etc will reduce adhesion of the gel and affect the longevity. Now you can proceed to the fun part of painting your nails with gel polish! Read the how-to here.

Doing a salon manicure at home may take a little practice to get your nails polished without imperfections.

Our tip is to begin to polish your nails starting at the centre, push slowly to the base without touching the cuticle and slowly working to the tip in one smooth motion. Repeat the same motion to apply nail polish on the sides.

Please be patient, and take your time. One of the benefits of gel polish is that it doesn’t dry like normal nail polish, so you can make sure your manicure is perfect before you use the UV/LED lamp to set it! Be sure to take your time, and simply wipe off the layer with Nail Polish Remover if you aren’t happy.

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