How to apply gel polish at home like a pro

If you are a new to gel polish, your first few manicures may not last as long as expected. New users may make small mistakes during the application process that cause premature chipping or peeling and that’s okay. Once you master your gel polish application you will be able to enjoy shiny, long-lasting and chip-free manicures. Here’s how to apply gel polish at home like a pro:

  1. Doing a proper manicure and pedicure will help extend wear time of your gel nail polish
  2. Make sure to follow the instructions of proper application carefully
  3. Wash and dry your hands well – this removes oils and provide better adhesion of the gel products.
  4. File the nail well. Any rough edges can catch and break the top coat easily causing it to chip and peel.
  5. Tip the bottle upside down a few times before use to mix the colours.
  6. Use nail polish guards to protect the edges of your nail so you get a good, clean edge and professional looking finish.
  7. Seal around the colour layers by allowing the top coat to extend the edges of the colour coat.
  8. One of the benefits of gel polish is that it doesn’t dry like normal nail polish, so you can make sure your manicure is perfect before you use the UV/LED lamp to set it! Be sure to take your time, and simply wipe off the layer with Nail Polish Remover if you aren’t happy.
  9. Apply your polish in thin layers for a neat and even coating so be sure not to load the brush with too much gel polish.
  10. Thicker applications are prone to peeling. It is always preferable to apply 3 thin coats rather than 2 thicker ones.
  11. Avoid getting any product on your skin. If you do, wipe immediately before putting your hand under the lamp.
  12. Lifting and peeling occur when you paint over cuticles. Be sure to leave a thin gap between the edge of the polish and your cuticle.
  13. Wearing gloves when cleaning or washing up will protect your gel polish and extend wear time.

Please be patient, follow proper application guide, and take note of our tips. Also, check out our How-Tos page for proper application guide or watch a video. The more you use our gel nail polish, the easier it is to apply. You will be able to apply gel polish at home like a pro in no time. Remember, practice makes perfect!

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